About Us

The Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics Member Interest Group (IND MIG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics brings together practitioners and students of Asian Indian origin or those interested in learning more about this culture. IND MIG is a connected and collaborative community offering networking, quality education, professional and leadership development.

Mission: Empowering members to be the nation's Food and Nutrition leaders for Indians.

Vision: Optimizing the health of Indians through food and nutrition.

Strategic Goal: Expand the influence and reach of the IND MIG and the nutrition and dietetics profession.

With the continued input of IND MIG members, the Executive Committee and Leadership Team remains committed to its goal to create a compelling organizational plan that will transform the future for nutrition and dietetics practitioners, and position the IND MIG as the food and nutrition leaders for Indians on a national/global scale.

Principles: The IND MIG, through its members, works to:

  1. Be recognized leaders in the field of nutrition and dietetics for Indians
  2. Increase membership and retain members by providing significant value
  3. Promote diversity to support the need of diverse Indian population
  4. Cultivate relationships with community/professional partners
  5. Promote research and education targeted to Indians
  6. Strengthen and empower our students to be future leaders